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The Baker Wilkins Foundation

Helping and empowering individuals and organisations
in Pontypridd create and live better lives
for themselves and the wider local community

“It doesn’t matter where you begin, where you come from or what you have, everyone deserves the opportunity and chance to reach their dreams and live life to the fullest.” 

Mission Statement;

The Baker Wilkins Foundation empowers, supports and funds individuals that want to thrive and change their life, whilst also improving their local communities too!


Our Objectives;

Our objectives are to enable others the opportunity to achieve their dreams whilst improving local communities, the area targeted will be the Pontypridd area (CF37,CF38). Being from the area and having created much success up to this point in our lives, the Baker Wilkins Foundation seeks to give back, we will be able to offer assistance both financially and through mentorship to those who’s goals are to achieve more. Young or old, this could be an existing business or a start up or even the beginnings of an idea that needs nurturing.

We will also be providing funding and potentially creating our own projects in the local area that will benefit the local community, our focus will be on inspiring the communities to support each other, to love their local community again and anything that improves the lives of those who live within the community. 

We want people to have the opportunity to improve themselves even if we can only assist in a small way, Pontypridd has seen better days but that trend doesn’t have to continue and there’s many great people waiting to break free of the “get a real job” mentality or from the mentality that a better life and area isn’t possible for “people like us!”, the world has moved on and we want to take that outdated “people like us don’t, can’t etc” and turn it into “maybe I CAN” empowering and supporting individuals and their local communities to not just create a life where they purely exist but create one where they truly live.


What we can do;

  • Funding from £100 to £10,000
  • Mentorship 
  • Technical support 
  • Online community support
  • Create local community projects

Who can apply and benefit from the foundation?;

  • Individuals who desire to start their own business/grow their existing businesses
  • Local businesses who need support in growing or staying afloat (must not be part of a larger chain)
  • Kids and youth leisure activities including sports (not adults)
  • Local community projects for projects that benefit or help inspire change in the local community
  • Existing local charities may apply for funding
  • Community projects



    The Baker Wilkins Foundation has a dedicated and broad board of trustees ( full details of the board of trustees will be announced and revealed shortly) 


Our Foundation Story

The Baker Wilkins Foundation was founded by Jane Baker (formerly Wilkins) and Lloyd Baker. 2 successful entrepreneurs originally from the town of Pontypridd. 

Jane and Lloyd started their successful business career whilst living in Pontypridd town, despite leaving school without any qualifications Jane knew she was destined for more and so she set about starting a business which has now grown to be a worldwide success turning over multiple 7 figures. Jane is also a best selling author and keynote speaker. 

After forging their own successful business Jane & Lloyd made the decision that it was time to re-locate and so with their children they moved from Pontypridd to live island life in the Canary Islands. 

But despite no longer calling Pontypridd “home” they had this burning desire and passion to give back to the town they once called home and where it of course all started for them. 

After seeing the devestating effects of the floods and the impact of the Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020 Jane & Lloyd decided now would be the perfect time to launch the foundation they had dreamt of for so long.

Jane & Lloyd have a passion for living life to the fullest and living it their own way, against all of the odds and despite having absolutely nothing they’ve built something truly incredible and they live a life they completely love. They want to inspire, empower and help others do the same.

Whether it’s helping an individual launch a business, helping to grow an existing business or funding a local project that would benefit the local community Jane & Lloyd simply want to help improve their hometown and share their passions with a town that they hold close to their hearts!

We currently have a couple of places open on our board of trustees, if you’d like to declare an interest in sitting on the board please click here.

If you are interested in potentially recieving funding or support for yourself and/or a local organisation please click here.