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The Baker Wilkins Foundation

Helping and empowering individuals and organisations
in Pontypridd create and live better lives
for themselves and the wider local community

The Baker Wilkins Foundation was funded in November 2020 by Jane & Lloyd Baker, 2 individuals originally from Pontypridd town. Assisted by a board of trustees the Foundation provides funding of up to £10,000 to individuals and businesses in the Pontypridd area whether it’s providing funding to assist the individual in starting/growing their own business or for exsisting businesses who wish to scale the foundation is here to help!

If you’re interested in potentially reciving funding/support the first step is to declare an initial interest.
If interested please use the form below. 

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We currently have a couple of places open on our board of trustees, if you’d like to declare an interest in sitting on the board please click here.